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How to Install Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers
Windshield wipers are a necessary safety feature for any vehicle. If your wipers are not working properly, it may be challenging to see the road or other hazards when it rains or snows. Installing windshield wipers can be daunting to some motorists. Changing the wiper blades is an essential, and fortunately pretty easy, part of regular car maintenance.
You can replace your wipers by following these steps:
Purchase the Right Size: Measure the wiper blade’s length or check your vehicle owner’s manual for the precise blade size.
Raise Blade Up: To put in your new blades, you will first need to elevate the wipers, so they are up and away from the glass. Just raise them up until they reach the position where they stay upright on their own.
Detach the Old Wiper Blade: Next, detach the old wiper blade. There should be a joint where the rubber bumps into the metal arm, and on that, you should see a small elastic stopper or pin that holds the rubber and keeps it in place. Press that stopper to release the rubber and then smoothly peel it away.
Set up the New Wiper Blade: Now, you will need to install your new rubber blades. To do this, simply slide the new blade in the same way you took the old ones out. When it’s in place, snap the hook or holder that locks it. Then, cautiously put the wipers back down into their regular spot against the windshield.
Run a Test: Lastly, it’s prudent to go right ahead and test the wipers after installation.
Replacing your wiper blade is usually a stress-free undertaking. If you’re not sure about your abilities to do this, it may be a good idea to call the certified auto repair specialists at Letcher Bros. Auto Repair in Pinole, California.

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